02/03/23 -Added a review for Monotone Blue and added a new video of the week! First logged update for the new year, even though I did have an update to celebrate my one year. I have been coding and making more art in private. Since I do not live code in the Neocities editor any longer, my updates are not as frequent.

12/14/22 - Should probably use this as both for the readers and myself. Did not go live with last changes mentioned, but will be in this update you are reading. New avatar icon! Very happy with that skull artwork. Added a padding style to the shrines css, but still have not made the shrine homepage... I will get to that soon!

11/15/22 - Added BEASTARS as an anime and made some light changes to my bio. I am looking forward to when I have tons of little buttons leading to all the anime and manga I want to talk about on here.

11/01/22 - Feeling motivated tonight! Added a new folder to keep all the Taiyaki pages organized, and I am working on filling up my Anime reviews, then will be doing Manga. Added a video of the week section, based on GIF of the Week from Oddity Commoddity.

10/27/22 - Second update to what I am calling LS20, LINE-SPACE 2.0. Changed navigation panels so there are no internal lists, added journal html, removed Razor Shrine, and updated favcion, which I expect I will change again once I figure out how to make it higher resolution! Added the taiyaki page with some content, will be working on this more since I have the most content ideas for it at the moment.

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