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First seen in Sonic the Hedgehog #260
Second story arc in Sonic Universe #91

A former pirate turned shrine gaurdian, Razor is a quick-tempered shark with a soft spot for love.

Razor is such a handsome shark. His design is so crisp: the silver piercings, the spikey fins, and even his cute little companion chao, cutely names Crusher. He even has a tragic backstory: a former pirate who was cast away by his crew after a fight, destined to perish until he was saved by a water temple priestess. From then on, he became the temple's gaurdian and swore to protect the priestess who saved his life.

Razor has a bad boy charm similar to Knuckles and Jet. Like Knuckles, he is a gaurdian for a temple and is relentless in protecting it, even putting up a strong fight if needed. And like Jet, he has a troubled past and others see him as an instigator. What makes Razor different is that he is more self-aware and capable of growth compared to Jet. And unlike Knuckles, Razor is able to leave his post more often and without guilt. He surfs his own tide, but his loyalty is what keeps him at the shrine. That, and he probably likes taking care of the chao that live there too.

Razor and Sonic have a certain enjoyment of one another. While Razor initial treats Sonic like a nobody, it seems that the shark devlops a liking to him as their arc concludes. Were they rivals? Not really. Razor was simply a character that was in charge of something Sonic needed to go through. A major side quest character, if you will. But what headcannons can we pick from the interations we see between Sonic and Razor?

First, there is a natural powerflex Razor has over Sonic for being an underwater creature. Razor has gills and has no issues being in water for long periods of time. Sonic, as we know, has a horrible fear of water and always seems to sink instead of swim. This makes it easy for Razor to tease Sonic over his hydrophobia.

At first shot, it might be hard to see how Razor could fit into the Sonicverse. But, once you know that he has interacted with tons of characters from the main group, it is easy to predict how he could have dynamics with other characters he hasn't met direcfly like Shadow or Jet. Since we were given a good origin story for his "how we got to now", we can use that to help him relate on a deeper level with other characters who have troubled pasts. Furthermore, we got to see lots of ways his mood can differ in the comics. We have seen him furious, him cocky, him remorseful, and him brave. He is deeper than just a normal side character since he has character and character development.