What is Taiyaki?

A popular street food in Japan, these fish-shaped treats taste similar to waffles and are often filled with sweet centers like red-bean paste, Nutella, custard, and more!

But why is this webpage called Taiyaki?

I wanted a word that captured my interest in Asian cultures, with a main focus on Japan. I first had taiyaki in the Korean strip in my town. A Korean dessert shop sells them among bobba teas, coffees and giant ice cream bowls. The moment I had a Nutella-filled taiyaki, I was in love. I bought a taiyaki pan the next week and now I make them at home and fill them with vanilla custard!

Taiyaki to me means exploring Eastern culture. I had never seen one of these things, and likely never would, had I not explored outside my usual American dining options. On this page, I want to share popular culture and niche interest topics I have enjoyed from the other hemisphere, with the majorty being Japan.


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