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In a world where predators and prey live side-by-side, the high-school wolf Legoshi experiences some growing pains as he struggles with his love for the rabbit girl Haru. In the adult world, predators adn prey only seem to be friendly, but all prey know they are always at risk to be eaten, which makes Legoshi's crush forbidden! Love, war, and a whole lot of furry goodness in this action/drama that is heavily dashed with comedy.


LEGOSHI is a gray wolf who is modest and humble, but fights hard for those he loves. Struggling with a mix between horny and hungry, Legoshi seeks to date his rabbit crush Haru all while fighting various villians throughout the season who seek to damage the relationship between preadors and prey in polite society.

LOUIS is a red deer and captain of the Drama Club at the school the main ensemble attends. He is stoic, classy, and prude. In private, he is not afraid to tell people off. In public, he maintains a demonor of elegance and old-money sophistication. The viewer, however, gets to see how broken he is on the inside the more the anime continues.

WORTH THE WATCH? Highly recommended! The anime is primarily a drama, which is fitting since the main characters are in a theatre club together, but it has tons of comedy in as well. The plot is similar to a soap opera at first, but the action picks up and adds elements of detective shows and killer thrillers. The show is a true blend of storytelling and each character feels well fleshed. The motif of "what is love, what is hunger?" is done well through the entirety of the show, and makes it captivating to watch.

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